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Marywood Golf Club is a once-prestigious private club which turned public in the 1990’s.  Directionless for a decade, the course was presented s a low and high end public experience depending on the owner.  I was hired in 2004 to revitalize the business by William Schott.  Our business plan has made Marywood Golf Club into a recreational experience sought after by local and distant golf enthusiasts.  The course is continuing to see an annual increase in golfers in a period of industry contraction.



The Matthews family has been immersed in all facets of the game for golf for ninety years. The family history was highlighted by a nice article in the Lansing State Journal recently.


Watermark Country Club, Grand Rapids has expanded the clubhouse and outdoor special use area to meet demands of the members and patrons. The short game area, waterfalls and formal event area project is being overseen by superintendent, Steve Tedhams.


Rochester Place Golf Club, Belle River, Ontario was recently purchased by Paul St. Pierre. He has major plans for the course increasing the challenge for the better golfer with a greater variety of shot values. The planned renovations also incorporate the changing golf trends as the casual golfer is provided a highly valued experience. With an eye to the future, the construction is guided by Guy St Pierre.

Rochester Place


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